Estrella Damm creatively built their MWC booth out of milk crates!

Estrella Damm’s MWC Booth

Mobile World Congress is all about news and device launches, but while walking around the show, there is all this other “stuff” that gets set up. It’s like a big wild circus with lots of people in costume, people painting things, and activity centers that are completely unrelated to mobile devices. Have a look for yourself.

The Weird Side of Mobile World Congress

The Delta State University Outdoor Recreation Program is hosting a crate stack competition on Tuesday February 25, 2014 at 6 p.m.  at Wyatt Gym.

Crate stacking uses milk crates to stack a tower as high as possible while participants are outfitted in a climbing harness, rope, and helmet attached to the ceiling with someone acting as a belay.

Stay up to date with the Delta State University Outdoor Recreation Program at 5:30 p.m. at the gym the night of the event.

“Todd Davis has energized and engaged our entire community through the variety of recreational programs he provides throughout the year. Holding the Dave Heflin Professorship in Outdoor Recreation, he has truly honored and extended Heflin’s pioneer work in this area. The COEHS values community feedback about the types of programs that should be offered to meet the needs and interests of all age groups,” said Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences Dr. Leslie Griffin.

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Unlike their plastic counterparts of today, antique milk crates tend to be more like wooden boxes. Often covered with beautiful art, antique milk crates can be worth quite a lot today. When compared with other decorating ideas, though, they can look like a bargain!

Antique Milk Crates

In use since the early 1900s, the first milk crates, were used much as milk crates are today: to deliver milk. The major difference, of course, is that those old wooden milk crates delivered milk right to a housewife’s door. The advent of in-home refrigeration made milk crates nearly obsolete, as daily milk deliveries were no longer necessary. Today’s more utilitarian milk crates deliver milk to a store. Thus, one of the great appeals of antique milk crates is the nostalgia factor. They take us back to a simpler time.
Fortunately, antique milk crates can do more for us than take us back to the past, though. milk crates make wonderful additions to your home décor. They have so many uses! Consider using antique milk crates as magazine holders. They look so much nicer than wire magazine racks next to your couch. Alternatively, keep an antique milk crate on your kitchen counter to use as a breadbox. Also, think about the charm an antique milk crate would add to your front porch, used either as a planter or as a repository for gardening tools. Antique milk crates add just as much to the bathroom. The wires separating the sections that once contained milk bottles are perfect for rolling towels and washcloths. Those same sections also make milk crates ideal for wine storage and display!
So you’ve decided that milk crates would add to the atmosphere and charm of your home, but where do you find them? Fortunately, milk crates are widely available. You can buy already restored antique milk crates on various auction sites, like Etsy and Ebay. If you get lucky, you may also find unrestored milk crates at estate sales. At that point, you get to restore the crate to your own satisfaction!

Vintage Crate Bookshelf

The best way to restore antique milk crates is to be conservative! It is important to note the difference between restoring and refinishing. Restoring something is returning it to its original and functional quality. With antique milk crates, restoration may not be necessary. After all, it is not necessary to make sure that the wood has enough integrity to carry milk bottles again. Your antique milk crates may need only refinishing to make them beautiful again. If you don’t care about the monetary value of your milk crate, it may be the case that all you need to do to make them visually appealing again is to give them a thorough cleaning and a new coat of wax. For true restoration that will make the antique milk crate look completely new and authentic, it is best to consult a professional.
Antique milk crates are a wonderful way to add history and charm to your home. The uses for them are almost limitless. If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to make a change in your décor, consider antique milk crates.

With this great new storage idea growing in popularity all the time, more and more people are wondering where to buy milk crates. Fortunately, the increase in milk crates’ popularity has led to an increase in their availability. If you think that milk crates are the answer to your creative or storage dilemma, look for them in the following places:

The Container Store: Milk Crates
  1. The easiest place to buy them is one of the most familiar to most people: Target! Target has dozens of styles of milk crates ranging in price from $9.99 and up. Some styles are available in stores, while others are available online from Target.
  2. Office supply stores may not be the first place you think of when you wonder where to buy milk crates, but they do carry milk crates, although their crates usually emphasize storage and utility, rather than eye appeal. Standard crates cost around $8.00 at office supply stores.
  3. For the “real deal” in milk crates, go to the source! The #1 manufacturer of new milk crates: Whether you’re looking for a rectangular 24 quart crate or a square 16 quart crate, this website can accommodate you. While black is the standard color, there are other colors available. Price depends on the size of the order, so contact Farmplast Dairy Crate Molder at (973) 287 6070 for their best price offer.
  4. If collapsible milk crates are what you’re looking for, look no further than Uline. Uline, which specializes in storage products of all kinds, is where to buy milk crates that are collapsible. Their collapsible milk crates are stackable and can hold 40 lbs. They cost $26 to $33 each. Shop at
  5. For standard square milk crates in cute primary colors, The Container Store is a great choice plus this company specializing in storage. Whether purchased online for $9.99 +$2.00 shipping, or in one of their coast-to-coast locations, you can get durable, affordable milk crates from one of the country’s preeminent storage specialists.
  6. It shouldn’t be surprising that is another great place to find milk crates at great prices. Available from many different retailers, you can find milk crates on from$3.00 up. There is almost no limit to the sizes and colors available. As an added benefit, if your order is fulfilled by Amazon, you won’t pay any shipping if you order at least $25!
  7. MIlk Crates

    The easiest and cheapest place to find milk crates may be in the first place you would expect to find them: the grocery store! Grocery stores are often willing to give you their milk crates for free. Don’t take without asking, but definitely visit your grocery store to see if they have any milk crates they no longer need! You won’t find cute colors and materials, but you could very well save a bunch of money. Gas stations and big box stores are other good possible sources for free milk crates.

  8. For a variety of milk crates in different Sizes, colors, and materials, try A site like this one is your best bet if you’re not exactly sure what kind of milk crates you’re looking for; you’re sure to find a bunch here.

Fads come and fads go, but milk crates have been around forever. The only new thing about them is the recognition of their versatility. Don’t be left behind! Find out where to buy milk crates and see what you’ve been missing!

Using plastic milk crates for storage is a fabulous way to organize your home and office for very little money. Because of their resurgence in popularity, you can purchase them at more and varied places than ever before. The first decision you need to make when deciding whether or not to use plastic milk crates is what exactly it is you want to store.

Milk Crates

Plastic milk crates are wonderful for storing flat items, such as papers, binders, folders, and books. Because they come in different sizes, plastic milk crates can be adapted to almost any use. A normal square crate, often retailing for under $10, is perfect for storing letter size files or papers, while a rectangular crate can work well for legal size files and papers. While some plastic milk crates are specially made for stacking, in reality any milk crates can be stacked. In this way, you can store a lot of items without taking up a lot of room.

You may not think that you can store non-flat items in plastic milk crates, but you can! You just have to think creatively. Instead of stacking the milk crates vertically (or straight up and down), try creating a horizontal display of the crates. That is, stack the crates with the open side facing outward. In this way, you create a curio cabinet effect, and you can now display figurines, plants, and other non-flat items. What a great way to use plastic milk crates for storage! Instead of packing away your salt-and-pepper shaker collection, store it out in the open for everyone to admire! Maybe you have a whole box of pictures stored away because you don’t have any use able wall space in your home (for instance, you have exposed brick walls which don’t take well to hanging pictures). Since you have to store your pictures anyway, try storing them in plastic milk crates turned sideways. Now everyone can admire them!

The kind of plastic milk crates for storage that you buy is dependent on what you want to do with them. For storing heavy-duty items like books, it is probably best to buy industrial grade milk crates, available from suppliers or, if you’re lucky, free at your grocery store. These milk crates have been created to take a beating, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your books will break the crate! If, however, you are more interested in storing delicate or non-flat items, you will likely be satisfied with the many decorative-grade plastic milk crates available. While these crates are not as sturdy as their industrial counterparts, they make attractive and inexpensive storage for items you may otherwise have to pack away in a cardboard box.
The best thing about using plastic milk crates for storage is their cost-effectiveness and durability vis-à-vis boxes. The only thing you really have to watch out for is making sure that the corners of the boxes line up properly when you’re stacking them. Otherwise, a whole tower could come down on you. Cardboard boxes are a little more forgiving of off-kilter stacking!
Whether you choose industrial-grade plastic milk crates for storage or retail-grade, you are sure to be impressed with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this inventive storage solution!