With this great new storage idea growing in popularity all the time, more and more people are wondering where to buy milk crates. Fortunately, the increase in milk crates’ popularity has led to an increase in their availability. If you think that milk crates are the answer to your creative or storage dilemma, look for them in the following places:

The Container Store: Milk Crates
  1. The easiest place to buy them is one of the most familiar to most people: Target! Target has dozens of styles of milk crates ranging in price from $9.99 and up. Some styles are available in stores, while others are available online from Target. Target.com
  2. Office supply stores may not be the first place you think of when you wonder where to buy milk crates, but they do carry milk crates, although their crates usually emphasize storage and utility, rather than eye appeal. Standard crates cost around $8.00 at office supply stores. OfficeMax.com
  3. For the “real deal” in milk crates, go to the source! The #1 manufacturer of new milk crates: www.idairycrates.com. Whether you’re looking for a rectangular 24 quart crate or a square 16 quart crate, this website can accommodate you. While black is the standard color, there are other colors available. Price depends on the size of the order, so contact Farmplast Dairy Crate Molder at (973) 287 6070 for their best price offer.
  4. If collapsible milk crates are what you’re looking for, look no further than Uline. Uline, which specializes in storage products of all kinds, is where to buy milk crates that are collapsible. Their collapsible milk crates are stackable and can hold 40 lbs. They cost $26 to $33 each. Shop at www.uline.com.
  5. For standard square milk crates in cute primary colors, The Container Store is a great choice plus this company specializing in storage. Whether purchased online for $9.99 +$2.00 shipping, or in one of their coast-to-coast locations, you can get durable, affordable milk crates from one of the country’s preeminent storage specialists. ContainerStore.com
  6. It shouldn’t be surprising that Amazon.com is another great place to find milk crates at great prices. Available from many different retailers, you can find milk crates on Amazon.com from$3.00 up. There is almost no limit to the sizes and colors available. As an added benefit, if your order is fulfilled by Amazon, you won’t pay any shipping if you order at least $25!Amazon.com
  7. MIlk Crates

    The easiest and cheapest place to find milk crates may be in the first place you would expect to find them: the grocery store! Grocery stores are often willing to give you their milk crates for free. Don’t take without asking, but definitely visit your grocery store to see if they have any milk crates they no longer need! You won’t find cute colors and materials, but you could very well save a bunch of money. Gas stations and big box stores are other good possible sources for free milk crates.

  8. For a variety of milk crates in different Sizes, colors, and materials, try buycheapr.com. A site like this one is your best bet if you’re not exactly sure what kind of milk crates you’re looking for; you’re sure to find a bunch here. BuyCheapr.com

Fads come and fads go, but milk crates have been around forever. The only new thing about them is the recognition of their versatility. Don’t be left behind! Find out where to buy milk crates and see what you’ve been missing!

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