Unlike their plastic counterparts of today, antique milk crates tend to be more like wooden boxes. Often covered with beautiful art, antique milk crates can be worth quite a lot today. When compared with other decorating ideas, though, they can look like a bargain!

Antique Milk Crates

In use since the early 1900s, the first milk crates, were used much as milk crates are today: to deliver milk. The major difference, of course, is that those old wooden milk crates delivered milk right to a housewife’s door. The advent of in-home refrigeration made milk crates nearly obsolete, as daily milk deliveries were no longer necessary. Today’s more utilitarian milk crates deliver milk to a store. Thus, one of the great appeals of antique milk crates is the nostalgia factor. They take us back to a simpler time.
Fortunately, antique milk crates can do more for us than take us back to the past, though. milk crates make wonderful additions to your home décor. They have so many uses! Consider using antique milk crates as magazine holders. They look so much nicer than wire magazine racks next to your couch. Alternatively, keep an antique milk crate on your kitchen counter to use as a breadbox. Also, think about the charm an antique milk crate would add to your front porch, used either as a planter or as a repository for gardening tools. Antique milk crates add just as much to the bathroom. The wires separating the sections that once contained milk bottles are perfect for rolling towels and washcloths. Those same sections also make milk crates ideal for wine storage and display!
So you’ve decided that milk crates would add to the atmosphere and charm of your home, but where do you find them? Fortunately, milk crates are widely available. You can buy already restored antique milk crates on various auction sites, like Etsy and Ebay. If you get lucky, you may also find unrestored milk crates at estate sales. At that point, you get to restore the crate to your own satisfaction!

Vintage Crate Bookshelf

The best way to restore antique milk crates is to be conservative! It is important to note the difference between restoring and refinishing. Restoring something is returning it to its original and functional quality. With antique milk crates, restoration may not be necessary. After all, it is not necessary to make sure that the wood has enough integrity to carry milk bottles again. Your antique milk crates may need only refinishing to make them beautiful again. If you don’t care about the monetary value of your milk crate, it may be the case that all you need to do to make them visually appealing again is to give them a thorough cleaning and a new coat of wax. For true restoration that will make the antique milk crate look completely new and authentic, it is best to consult a professional.
Antique milk crates are a wonderful way to add history and charm to your home. The uses for them are almost limitless. If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to make a change in your décor, consider antique milk crates.

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