Using plastic milk crates for storage is a fabulous way to organize your home and office for very little money. Because of their resurgence in popularity, you can purchase them at more and varied places than ever before. The first decision you need to make when deciding whether or not to use plastic milk crates is what exactly it is you want to store.

Milk Crates

Plastic milk crates are wonderful for storing flat items, such as papers, binders, folders, and books. Because they come in different sizes, plastic milk crates can be adapted to almost any use. A normal square crate, often retailing for under $10, is perfect for storing letter size files or papers, while a rectangular crate can work well for legal size files and papers. While some plastic milk crates are specially made for stacking, in reality any milk crates can be stacked. In this way, you can store a lot of items without taking up a lot of room.

You may not think that you can store non-flat items in plastic milk crates, but you can! You just have to think creatively. Instead of stacking the milk crates vertically (or straight up and down), try creating a horizontal display of the crates. That is, stack the crates with the open side facing outward. In this way, you create a curio cabinet effect, and you can now display figurines, plants, and other non-flat items. What a great way to use plastic milk crates for storage! Instead of packing away your salt-and-pepper shaker collection, store it out in the open for everyone to admire! Maybe you have a whole box of pictures stored away because you don’t have any use able wall space in your home (for instance, you have exposed brick walls which don’t take well to hanging pictures). Since you have to store your pictures anyway, try storing them in plastic milk crates turned sideways. Now everyone can admire them!

The kind of plastic milk crates for storage that you buy is dependent on what you want to do with them. For storing heavy-duty items like books, it is probably best to buy industrial grade milk crates, available from suppliers or, if you’re lucky, free at your grocery store. These milk crates have been created to take a beating, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your books will break the crate! If, however, you are more interested in storing delicate or non-flat items, you will likely be satisfied with the many decorative-grade plastic milk crates available. While these crates are not as sturdy as their industrial counterparts, they make attractive and inexpensive storage for items you may otherwise have to pack away in a cardboard box.
The best thing about using plastic milk crates for storage is their cost-effectiveness and durability vis-à-vis boxes. The only thing you really have to watch out for is making sure that the corners of the boxes line up properly when you’re stacking them. Otherwise, a whole tower could come down on you. Cardboard boxes are a little more forgiving of off-kilter stacking!
Whether you choose industrial-grade plastic milk crates for storage or retail-grade, you are sure to be impressed with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this inventive storage solution!

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